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Our Beers


We use traditional brewing equipment and our beers and ales are fermented in vessels using our specialist strain of yeast and are naturally cask conditioned. They contain NO artificial preservatives, flavourings or colourings. We use pure natural Cotswold spring water from the deep seated springs that draw from the limestone plateau of the Cotswold's


100% natural beer


To build on our success and the unique character of our beers (and those who work in the brewery!) we have gone through a re-branding exercise, so...


Meet the family...!


Our Regular Beers

0001-codger-beer-badge              0001-stunner-beer-badge v2

A dry, crisp, chestnut, perfectly balanced beer with a subtle hoppy finish. ABV 4.2%

A straw coloured ale with Mouth-filling malt complemented by a lovely tropical fruitiness on the nose and palate, and a long refreshing finish. ABV 4.0%

CSB Bard Badge Web




Quixotically (whatever this means?) crisp, dry and nutty, with a poetic fruitiness. 
ABV 4.6%

 Our Spring Beers

 0001-osm-beer-badge 0037 Dandy Badge Web

Complex 7 grain mild. Initially dry with a bitter sweetness. Chocolatey notes and a long finish. Old Sodbury Mild is the Supreme Champion at the SIBA 2011 National Beer Competition. ABV 3.9%


Brewed with a hint of a mint herb, lime zest and a special new German hop. This ale has a full mouth feel, crisp and refreshing - pine and lime. ABV 5.0%

 Our Summer Beers

0001-reveller-beer-badge 0001-aviator-beer-badge

Hints of tropical fruit on the nose give way to a lush summer sweetness in the mouth followed by a smooth fruity finish

ABV 4.7%

Our take on a Cologne K├Âlsch-style lager. Cool, crisp and refreshing. ABV 5.0%

(note this beer is only available in casks and bottles - not in bag-in-a-box format).


Our Autumn Beers

0001-trooper-beer-badge 0001-rascal-beer-badge

Amber beer with pleasing nose of fruit and gooseberry. Sweet malty start in the mouth with fruit coming through and punchy hop bite with distinctive bitter finish. ABV 5.2%

Misty and moody orange wheat beer. Citrus in the nose with marmalade orange notes. Smooth fruitiness on the palate with a crisp and spicy finish. ABV 4.7% (note: this is a cloudy wheat beer)


Our Winter Beers


CSB Libertine Badge Web

Indulgent malt and oats give a full-body to this fruity stout. Hints of black-treacle are complemented by lighter, slightly spicy notes later in the palate. ABV 4.6%

Stimulating and louche with amorous aromas and lingering sweetness.
ABV 4.8%


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Our Core Range

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